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Re: This Day in History - off-topic or a hint?

OK, so I've got fifteen to twenty Giant of HK Roman Chariots, which are copies of the famous MARX BEN HUR Range in 54mm. For my tastes, no one has made any Chariots better since the 1960's. And some awesome scenics to go with the line.

However in my 1/72 scale, the Atlantic Roman Accessories are priced beyond my budget today.

For my money, if you want to entice me to buy ordinary civilian poses, then please offer me some Accessories that would fit in a Mini-Set box.

Something way beyond the Linear-B tables and bar benches, please?

Your ideas?


Re: This Day in History - off-topic or a hint?

Dear matelot,

with all due respect, the impression is wrong - it's the first time that we saw these products. Thanks for the link, anyway.
BBC's movie Rome is a more appropriate inspiration in our case.
For the triumph inspiration was a series of mosaics in Hampton Court.

Best regards,


Re: This Day in History - off-topic or a hint?

I'm sure you will do a fine job of it but, to be honest, this is probably going to be a set with one very specific and limited role for dioramacists and modellers interested in ancient Rome. Might be wrong but I can't see gamers finding a lot of uses for it.

Re: This Day in History - off-topic or a hint?

As a diorama builder I could complain time and again about sets which, for some reason, suit gamers' needs better (or exclusively) but I don't because I accept that manufacturers of 1/72 figures have to meet the requirements of both diorama builders and gamers these days (this was not so in the past when the gamers had not yet usurped the realm of 1/72 figures). That's ok with me as long as the needs of both are taken into account. Naturally, diorama builders will like some sets better than gamers and vice versa. Let's be broad-minded.