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Re: Any chance of expanding the Wild West range?

That IS a wonderful plan, Arlin! And ever since reading "Blood Meridian" I've wanted a 1/72 gang of scalphunters... Maybe there's room for mini Judge Holdens and John Glantons somewhere in here too.

Re: Any chance of expanding the Wild West range?

Yes I would also love to see more Wild West themes:
Dismounted Cav (for Custer's last stand) with carbines and revolvers
Plains Indians (mounted and dismounted)
Apaches (mounted and dismounted)
Texas Rangers
Mountain men

All great suggestions!

Strelets US Cavalry Set 1 is one of my all time favourite Strelets sets. I love the campaign look to them. I have been patiently waiting for more since they first came out. Hope maybe we will see some additions in 2016?