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Re: Ideas Regarding New Strelets Sets-3 Native American sets

I am sure the new Strelets Lawrence of Arabia set could be used against the FFL. The masters look incredible.

I would also like to see more primitive tribal sets produced. I've always wanted to put together a battle from early Canadian history: "The Battle of Long Sault" from 1660. It's kind of like Canada's Alamo. A handful of Frenchmen from Ville Marie (early Montreal) and a few of their Algonquin allies held off hundreds of Iroquois in an old log stockade for about a week. I could probably do it now with the Italeri woodland Indians and some figures from various 30 Years War sets but the Indians are a hundred years too late. Nice to have more primitive, poorly armed Iroquois for that.

Another wild idea I had that will almost certainly never be produced is a range of tribal warriors from New Guinea. I've watched some documentaries showing their warfare, which continues in a more ceremonial fashion to this very day.