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Re: Ideas Regarding New Strelets Sets-3 Native American sets

A nice set of Arab tribesmen to fight the Foreign Legion would be nice, right now all we have are the Airfix/HaT Bedouins, and as nice as those figures are they are showing their age. The ESCI/Italeri Foreign Legion set never really had another suitable opponent, as the warriors in the ESCI/Italeri Muslim Warriors set were mostly those who fought in the British colonies. Terry, I've also heard of some folks using the HaT WW1 Early War French set as FFL like you do, I might do that as well since it seems no new FFL sets are in anyone's pipeline.

Re: Ideas Regarding New Strelets Sets-3 Native American sets

Hi, Colin.
Yeah,the old Airfix Bedouin I've not seen for a long time. True the FFL never really had any opponents other than those from Airfix which makes you wonder WHY Esci made a set with no opposition!

I wasn't sure about the Hat early WW 1 French as FFL until I checked through the Osprey books and, yes, no real difference other than lack of hat neck-flaps. Work well mixing with the Esci and Airfix though you get more figures in a box with Hat!!

Re: Ideas Regarding New Strelets Sets-3 Native American sets

I am sure the new Strelets Lawrence of Arabia set could be used against the FFL. The masters look incredible.

I would also like to see more primitive tribal sets produced. I've always wanted to put together a battle from early Canadian history: "The Battle of Long Sault" from 1660. It's kind of like Canada's Alamo. A handful of Frenchmen from Ville Marie (early Montreal) and a few of their Algonquin allies held off hundreds of Iroquois in an old log stockade for about a week. I could probably do it now with the Italeri woodland Indians and some figures from various 30 Years War sets but the Indians are a hundred years too late. Nice to have more primitive, poorly armed Iroquois for that.

Another wild idea I had that will almost certainly never be produced is a range of tribal warriors from New Guinea. I've watched some documentaries showing their warfare, which continues in a more ceremonial fashion to this very day.