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Re: Any chance of expanding the Wild West range?

I've been hoping for Mexican banditos/revolutionaries and Mexican Federales for decades, too! IMEX was supposed to do Villistas and Pershing's troops before they folded.

I'm planning to play Mexican Revolution with Airfix, Atlantic and Revell cowboys and the Strelets Boers as revolutionaries, with Early WW1 British Cavalry and HAT's future release of British Expeditionary Force as the Mexican Army, but it would certainly be much nicer to have the real thing.

As far as popularity, another 54mm maker, Steve Weston Toy Soldiers recently did a "Magnificent Seven" set with banditos on foot and mounted and gunfighters and Mexican peasants. They were also very popular with collectors.

Like Strelets said, most of us who buy toy soldiers are 40-60+ years old and watched westerns at the movies or at least on TV while we grew up. We are not of the generation who thinks Wild West themes are boring or even offensive to play games about. I'm sure more Western sets would be at least as popular as some of the more obscure conflicts Strelets have covered, if not more so.

Re: Any chance of expanding the Wild West range?

"Would people buy a big box of dead cowboys?"

Like any toy soldier set on the market, the poses would be more about what led up to that condition.

Re: Any chance of expanding the Wild West range?

A Large Command Set representing Custer's Last Stand is a great idea, as would be Large Sets representing all major battles with famous outcomes like Strelets*R makes. Spion Kop, Isandlwana, The Alamo, Custer's Last Stand, Gettysburg come to mind. All of these have famous Personalities and limitless potential for further supporting Mini-Sets.

Hopefully! - Strelets*R could consider making one with new sets for their Boer War Series representing "Spion Kop, known as 'Murderous Acre,'" including Famous British and Boer Personalities strategizing over a table with maps, a new British Infantry set with Neck Curtains in trousers and puttees, both British and Boer Casualty poses, and stretcher parties, plus more for example.

Strelets*R has already expressed their willingness to make a Boer War Artillery Set below under the thread "One Set and Why?" by Alex M. So I'll support the ideas above for future sets whether they be considered now or for long-term future sets.

My gratitude to Strelets*R, as I have bought multiple Sets each of their Crimean and Roman Sets.

And your Sculpting only keeps getting better. I'm very excited for your future sets, too!

Happy & Safe Holidays, Gentlemen :-)

Re: Any chance of expanding the Wild West range?

There are so many personalities involved with Custer's Last Stand. The Custer Brothers and Autie Reed, journalist Mark Kellog, Lt. Cooke with his long sideburns, The Arikara scout Bloody Knife, the Crow scout Curly, Lt. Miles Keogh, Reno & Benteen and even Elizabeth Custer waving goodbye to her husband would be a possibility, and on the Indian side, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Gall, Rain in the Face, and so many more. The character sprues would be amazing! I picture the cavalry in medium blue, of course, and the Indians in the same terra cotta red as Tecumseh.

Also, this coming year marks the 140th anniversary of the battle, although it would likely take longer than a year to get the set made even if work started immediately.

I like your idea of sets for all the famous battles of history. I'd love to see a decent 1/72 Alamo set. Of Imex's figures, only the Texans were worthwhile. The Mexicans were horrible.

Re: Any chance of expanding the Wild West range?

I applaud you, Mark T. for bringing fresh ideas to the forum and your enthusiasm. Most importantly Strelets*R is listening and responding. You have at least planted the seed for some potential future sets. And the Strelets*R Team has responded splendidly so far to our wishes for so long!

In the present, your recommendations for a "Custer's Last Stand" Set are killing me. Libby, wasn't that his gals name? And your Native American Indian Personalities are spot-on! And yes, medium blue to go with their other sets.

I will continue to beat the Jungle Drums for your ideas on the forum! :-)

Re: Any chance of expanding the Wild West range?

I'm glad you appreciate my enthusiasm, GarrisonClay. I just turned 51 last week, but when it comes to toy soldiers, I will always be about 8 years old. Thanks to you and all who support my suggestions!

Re: Any chance of expanding the Wild West range?

Hmmm...I wonder how one could make a set strategically as a starting point that leads to more (like if you give a mouse a cookie....then he'll want some milk....then he'll need a on and so forth).

Speaking of the Alamo. If we got new Mexican Infantry, well they could be used for the Mexican War. If we used them for the Mexican War, then we'd need some US Dragoons for Palo Alto and such. And if we had some US Dragoons we could use them for the Wild West of the 1840s through the 1850s for the Santa Fe Trail and other Indian battles (people forget the look of the Custer Cavalry is actually late in the conflict)and of course then we would need some Plains Indians and Apaches to fight the Dragoons, and then if we had Apaches we'd need the troops that fought them the most, Mexican Presidios, which of course would also be used at the Alamo and Mexican War,and...oh what a slippery slope!

Re: Any chance of expanding the Wild West range?

i like the way you think arlin.backdooring things to get some sets for the war with mexico is a great bout some texas rangers as well?

Re: Any chance of expanding the Wild West range?

That IS a wonderful plan, Arlin! And ever since reading "Blood Meridian" I've wanted a 1/72 gang of scalphunters... Maybe there's room for mini Judge Holdens and John Glantons somewhere in here too.

Re: Any chance of expanding the Wild West range?

Yes I would also love to see more Wild West themes:
Dismounted Cav (for Custer's last stand) with carbines and revolvers
Plains Indians (mounted and dismounted)
Apaches (mounted and dismounted)
Texas Rangers
Mountain men

All great suggestions!

Strelets US Cavalry Set 1 is one of my all time favourite Strelets sets. I love the campaign look to them. I have been patiently waiting for more since they first came out. Hope maybe we will see some additions in 2016?