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Re: Shipping costs

Mark T.
Thanks for the tip about contacting the stores, 0nn0. I was wondering about that as I often buy toy soldiers on eBay from Asia with much cheaper postage, many times even free. I was puzzled that European orders would have such expensive shipping rates by comparison.

Hi Mark,

I tried to respond to you last night, but the spam safeguard here deleted my work. Whether the UK, Asia (Taiwan) or the rest of Europe, you should find very competitive equivalent costs to home. Keep in mind, the Euro is attractive now. Sometimes the British Pound doesn't convert at a favorable exchange rate, so as Mr. Onno recommends, e-mail the seller for "options." All of my overseas (and local) sellers have bent over backwards to keep costs down to win my business. I've never been quoted a cost anywhere near as high as the one you mentioned and I would certainly never pay it either. I apologize if they were serious about such high shipping charges. :-)

OK, Happy Hobby Hunting