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Men from Mars scroll down for front and back of the packaging.

Two new sets from Mars - early 17c Spanish and Imperial field artillery 24 crew and four guns in each set. Possibly worth a look (quality is improving and they add a little variety).

Re: Men from Mars


Psr said that the imperial atillery was for the turkish siege of Wienna 1683
For me they look like 30 years war i dont understand Mars sometime they make fantastic figures like late spanish inf and french inf and guards and then they make bad things like this sad



Re: Men from Mars

PSR did only speculate IF they were for the later part of 17th Century. Based on the pictures, I think these two 30 year war might be the best 30 years war sets that Mars have made so far. But I agree, the French Infantry and Guard-set for the later 17th Century were very nice (much better than the Spanish infantry-set) and I hope they expand that range.