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Re: My Platinum Age continues ... Red Box Samurai Artillery

It sure looks like it! I know they are supposed to release 2 more Fantasy Amazon sets; Mtd & Foot, but what these are is beyond me? Maybe 'Beast Men' to fight against Rohan? It's good to see something of new Fantasy sets!

Re: My Platinum Age continues ... Red Box Samurai Artillery

Thanks for the link FPR

They look good and have the same physique as the Zvezda first big set(ie before the multi part ones). It would be good if RedBox started again on other Japanese subjects as there are a lot left to do. Those early RedBox sets are a bit lacking in definition which was probably a fault in manufacture and they had rather "square on" poses and very poor looking weapons.

I note the Zvezda WWII British Medical Personnel further down. The stretcher looks like a home made job without fashioned handles and feet. A very adaptable set - I will get lots of this set and modify as Civil Defence rescue squad figures. The Dunkirk setting in the background suggests the period.


Re: My Platinum Age continues ... Red Box Samurai Artillery

I emailed red box a few months ago and they informed me that after they did some more 16th century Europe/Turks (which seem to have been mostly completed) they were planning on releasing Japanese Artillery followed by Korean and Chinese Artillery as well as hinted at more sets in that theme. Now that the Japanese set has been revealed this seems to be true. I hope the Korean sets include a hwacha and a cavalry set and the Chinese need a complete overhaul.