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Re: French Lancer's at last...

Despite concerns over the horse furniture and the size of the figures these French lancers look fantastic really handsome and I am sure with some simple conversions the extra trumpeter, officer and standard bearer will not go to waist.

Next up I would like to see Prussian Landwehr Cavalry

Hat's Prussian Dragoons and Uhlans are poor by their own standards and the Italeri Dragoons/light Cavalry are Hideous and over sized.

I good set of Prussian Landwehr Cavalry could also be used as Dragoons or Uhlans.

Re: French Lancer's at last...

A lovely looking set of figures, if I saw them for sale here I'd definitely buy them.

As for the surplus command group figures:-

The standard bearer, that standard could surely be turned into a lance, with guidon attached even, clip off the eagles wings and beak and it's already starting to look like a spear point.

The officer, I don't see much that distinguishes him as an officer (mostly paint). Shave off the epaulettes, or leave them on for the elite company, and you have an enlisted man armed with a sabre, Probably only the front ranks carried lances.
Actually I prefer lancers that are armed with lances., I'm sure many of you are the same but a few men in the ranks armed with sabres would definitely not be wrong, even the men armed with a lance discarded it and drew the sabre when they came in close contact with the enemy.
Or you could use the extra officers for French Dragoons in the post 1812 uniform. We could use a few of those. Another company who used to make very good sets of Napoleonic figures released a 'set' of post 1812 Dragoons with only 3 figures in the box. Buy this set of Leger Lanciers and you get a very nice set of lancers with a bonus 'set' of post 1812 Dragoons that's every bit as good as the other mobs offering.

The trumpeter, probably the 1815 equivalent of the bloke who won't go ANYWHERE without his guitar, everyone knows one.

Next? I've already got a set of Grenadiers a Cheval, one of my favourites of the modern sets. There's some merit in reproducing sets that have been discontinued, like the Revell cavalries. But how about some of the things we don't already have. Top of my list would be Dutch/Belgian Carabiniers in plastic. also French Hussars in Chapeux roleux and French dragoons in post 1812 uniform ( yes I need more than 3). Prussian landwher cavalry would be good but not just in shakos and litewka, how about figures with kollets and czapkas then, with head swaps we can create most of the Prussian landwehr cavalry and uhlan regiments.