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Re: WW2 Filling The Gaps

1. Royal Netherlands East Indies Army KNIL. To me, these figures are paramount! Strelets are releasing early Pacific war figures. Let us have a army to defend European Imperial interests in the Dutch East Indies. These figures are a must!!
2. Indian Army - Burma. Gurkha Rifles, Rapjputan Rifles, Dogra or Sikh. I would be happy with any!
3. WW2 Free French Goumiers.
4. Free French - North Africa (wearing a mixture of shirt sleeves, Jackets, kepis and steel helmets. Weapons could either be French or British.

1. Yes to Dutch troops for Europe and the Far East!
2. Not sure Indians would look much different from the British in battle - apart from the Sikhs.
3. French colonial troops for WW1 (Senegalese...) would be my first choice.
4. Frenchz in North Africa - yes!

Another set of Chinese infantry would be great now that WW2 in Asia is getting better coverage.

Also, artillery sets for the Germans, Italians, British, U.S., and Japanese are needed. Regards, Pa