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Re: Oh Joy, Oh Rapture!

Any suggesting for their next batch of 5 Third Reich sets?

I can think of 2 or 3 I would actually "need":

Artillery crews in short boots and shirtsleeves, good as DAK, late war, mountain troops, and FlashSlimeYegars

Artillery crews in early war gear

Artillery crews in winter gear

But I'd really like to see the French and Dutch at last. Regards, Pa

Re: Oh Joy, Oh Rapture!

Honestly I'm eagerly waiting for more yet uncovered German troops.
Like "WW2 elite latrineers on thunderbox"... Caesar, I'll trust in you!

To Ceasar

Ceasar where are my Babylonians and War of the Roses ? I have been wainting for years if you dont want to make them at least remove them from your list and yes i dont want more germans i want what you promise



Re: Oh Joy, Oh Rapture!

Fuehrer Miniatures...

Re: Oh Joy, Oh Rapture!

Fuehrer Miniatures...

Surely a better name would be Goebbels Miniatures as their German products look straight out of the Reich Ministry of Propaganda.

They need to take a leaf out of Strelets Stalingrad set rather than their prestine and perfectly uniformed figures.

Re: Oh Joy, Oh Rapture!

I am very happy about their tank riders in great coats!!