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Re: Forget the fall of the Golden Age of figures ... we're in the Platinum Age! Yet more Red Box ..

Strelets and Redbox are producing new exciting sets like crazy. If only a certain competitor would get their new sets out in a reasonable time this would be the Platinum Age. Best Regards! Cappyc

Re: Forget the fall of the Golden Age of figures ... we're in the Platinum Age! Yet more Red Box ..

Well I'm happy for people if they're getting new sets that they want but I have to agree with Allan, the Jacobite ranges need to be completed by Streletz, Redbox or both. Cavalry and artillery for both sides are needed. So too are Scots and Irish troops in French service. Command and personality figures would be fine, although one of my Streletz clansmen is on the way to becoming Lord George, another is earmarked to be my Great, Great, etc, etc...Grandfather and the mounted figure might pass for a random Italian fop on a shortbread tin. We really need a mounted Cumberland and getting the standard poses missing from the existing sets would be good.
Really, it wouldn't take much extra to give a pretty good coverage for this period so why not?

One more thing I'd like is a real shop where I can buy them off the shelf. That's not too much to ask is it?

Real shops ....

... I prefer them too. But my experience in Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane is that they keep shutting down or reducing stock. When they do (and I have had orders in place four times when the shop has either ceased to stock brands or went out of business), I have to then chase down the figures from the web.