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Forget the fall of the Golden Age of figures ... we're in the Platinum Age! Yet more Red Box ....

Yes, more sets in the pipeline, according to

Akinci 16-17c.
Sipahi 16-17c.

Artillery 16-17c.
(wonder if they will redo their existing Samurai sets)

Platinum Age?...

Whole history of manking consists ONLY from XVI and XVII centuries? For me all new sets of RedBox of last 1-2 years are "Empty Age".

Re: Platinum Age?...

Very frustrating, Jocobites need finishing, Cavalry both sides, Artillery both sides, mounted command, French infantry, not to mention the missing poses from the existing sets, British loading figures and Highland/militia firing figures. Of the pending batch only the English sailors are of interest and only because they would bring Airfix`s Golden Hind to life, but do I want to/do I have the time etc to start another project ?.

Platinum Age pour moi, anyhoo!

I support your desire for more Jacobites - though with Strelets and Red Box, there is now a good range (5 sets) of foot with some mounted commanders. I use AWI artillery but hope Red Box bring out some.

But in my platinum age, I see from the 14th through to early 20th centuries, hordes of figures - many with cavalry, artillery and infantry/command and some sailors as well. Obscure one off sets have been replaced by entire ranges of obscure sets with plenty of variety, available now, not sometime in the future. The sculpting is much improved and the flash much reduced - I have the earlier Boxer Rebellion, Samurai, Chinese and Korean ranges which are usable, but not great.

Swiss and Landsknechts get artillery, and multiple foot sets and command, and Landsnechts on horse. Hussite war wagons can be added to round them out - I know the Landsknechts definitely used wagons for defence.

16-17c Ottomans are very well represented.

16-17c Russians get artillery and can now merge in a proportion of monks as both streltsi and as cannoneers/artillerymen.

14c Irish get both foot and mounted ... OK, gotta have some of the early relatives, not sure for what yet!

And some Mars sets to round out Central European/Polish forces - once again foot, cavalry and artillery, and usable if not of the current quality of Red Box.

Re: Platinum Age pour moi, anyhoo!

2 more sets i need from red box,i can barely keep up.i hope one of the cavalry sets have the orion sculpts from a few years back.they looked really good.

Re: Platinum Age pour moi, anyhoo!

I have the earlier Boxer Rebellion, (...) ranges which are usable, but not great.

Exactly that's what kept me off buying the Boxer rebellion sets. If updated to the actual standard, I'll buy vast numbers. But sculpting concerning this range was so poor, that I completely skipped these sets.

For the Jacobite rebellion: Wish there were some Scots matching the box art...

Re: Platinum Age?...

i think like you... more jacobites we needs, English troops and French.

Re: Forget the fall of the Golden Age of figures ... we're in the Platinum Age! Yet more Red Box ..

Strelets and Redbox are producing new exciting sets like crazy. If only a certain competitor would get their new sets out in a reasonable time this would be the Platinum Age. Best Regards! Cappyc

Re: Forget the fall of the Golden Age of figures ... we're in the Platinum Age! Yet more Red Box ..

Well I'm happy for people if they're getting new sets that they want but I have to agree with Allan, the Jacobite ranges need to be completed by Streletz, Redbox or both. Cavalry and artillery for both sides are needed. So too are Scots and Irish troops in French service. Command and personality figures would be fine, although one of my Streletz clansmen is on the way to becoming Lord George, another is earmarked to be my Great, Great, etc, etc...Grandfather and the mounted figure might pass for a random Italian fop on a shortbread tin. We really need a mounted Cumberland and getting the standard poses missing from the existing sets would be good.
Really, it wouldn't take much extra to give a pretty good coverage for this period so why not?

One more thing I'd like is a real shop where I can buy them off the shelf. That's not too much to ask is it?

Real shops ....

... I prefer them too. But my experience in Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane is that they keep shutting down or reducing stock. When they do (and I have had orders in place four times when the shop has either ceased to stock brands or went out of business), I have to then chase down the figures from the web.