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Re: 2 More new sets from Redbox just up at their homepage

Completely agree about the 'orrible 'orses! The last few Redbox light cavalry sets have been a big disappointment.
I always wonder why manufacturers don't just adapt their best horse sculpts for later sets. The early HaT ancient sets had beautiful horses, much better than some of the more recent ones - the El Cid Moorish horses, for example, looked as though they'd fallen off a fairground carousel, as well as being too big in the case of the lights.
And why can't we have more poses standing, walking or trotting, rather than at a breakneck gallop flying over sticky molten tarmac and stategically place clumps of grass???

Re: 2 More new sets from Redbox just up at their homepage

Yes not sure why they have to reinvent a worse wheel(or worse horse)every time for every set.

A stock horse figure with no saddle, reins etc could be the basis for subsequent models. Sounds like a task for a 3d printer. I had a Daz3d(Poser) computer model of a horse but I was never satisfied with it though it was a reasonable base figure. Zvezda have used something similar for their horses in their multi part sets. Even with computer models there is the tendency to go for one or more legs in the air with the regular misinterpretation of the movement of the horses leg joints. The worst examples of off the peg, from memory or wheel reinvented designs do look like poor carousel horses (gallopers) or pantomime horses with hippo heads.