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Re: Turkish Sailors!

Orion's Roman sailors will do the oarsmen job. Regarding the dress code, there's no big difference between half-naked Romans and 16th century slaves...

All I can say is that I don't agree.

Ok, I could say a little more, apart from the fact that Roman oarsmen were not slaves or convicts. Dress and hairstyles were clearly different. Romans used a different system of rowing (one man per oar, different method of grasping the oars), so the poses of the Orion Romans - which are hardly useful even for Roman galleys - are even less so for 16th-17th galleys.


Re: Turkish Sailors!

OK, very convincing. BTW: the Orion oarsmen really don't look like pulling any oar. More like resting and briefly relaxing, before the captain want's more speed to ebjoy water-ski again...

Re: Turkish Sailors!


Would be fun to be able to man the Réale de France (in 1/75):

The Réale de France had 31 oars to starboard and 60 oars to port (one thwart was omitted to make room for the caboose).

Well, you just need 427 oarsmen, 7 oarsmen in slightly different poses for each oar on the larboard and starboard sides respectively. That is 14 slightly different poses of oarsmen for each pair of oars. If a box contained oarsmen for 3 pairs of oars, i. e. 42 oarsmen, you'd still need 11 boxes to man the Réale de France. Hey, Red Box, that's big business. Don't miss the opportunity!

I have been following a thread about this model, the builders has had so many frustrations with it. The worst of it was, the person who eventually bought it off him, broke several pieces off it while transporting it - heart-breaking.

You may need to register to see the pictures,50651.0.html

Re: Turkish Sailors!

Yes, this looks promising. Quite a number of working sailors, too. Hopefully, we will see more of those included in the English sailors sets.

Re: Turkish Sailors!

Turkish Sailors are interesting, but, does anyone know where to buy an affordable lateen rigged ship? Actually, I want it for later periods.


Re: Turkish Sailors!

To my knowledge, the only tolerably suitable lateen rigged plastic model would be the 1/80 Imai Chebec. It has been out of production for decades but sometimes you can find it on eBay. That's how it looks like: