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Battle of New Orleans

Which plastic figures would you use for American Infantry and Artillerymen?Which artillery pieces? I found some nice cotton Bales for breastworks here:

Would Strelets Winter Militia(battle took place in January) and Tecumseh work for this?


Re: Battle of New Orleans

This will get you started based on
1. orbat
2. uniforms

Senior Officers have a bicorne, front to back.

For the typical Kentucky and Tennessee troops – a mix of top hat types from Strelets militia, Imex Lewis and Clark (includes mounted) and various AWI and IMEX Alamo defenders. Add in some other head gear from these sets just to make them look a little more like militia.

Carroll's Brigade - have a blue bush shirt with white trim and blue trousers if you can believe the reenactors in google
1st Regiment West Tennessee Militia: Col William Metcalf
2nd Regiment West Tennessee Militia: Col John Cocke
3rd Regiment West Tennessee Militia: Col James Raulston

Coffee's Brigade
1st Regiment West Tennessee Volunteer Mounted Gunmen: Col Robert Dyer
2nd Regiment West Tennessee Volunteer Mounted Gunmen: Col Thomas Williamson

Adair's Brigade
Slaughter’s Kentucky Militia: Ltc Gabriel Slaughter
Gray’s Kentucky Militia Regiment: Ltc John Davis (detached to West Bank)
Mitchusson’s Kentucky Militia Regiment: Ltc William Mitchusson

West Bank
Naval Battalion: Commodore Patterson - use HAT Royal Navy
Louisiana Militia Battalion: Maj Paul Arnaud
Grey's Kentucky Militia Regiment: Ltc John Davis
Additional Reinforcements from Jackson

Louisiana Militia and Volunteers
Plauché’s Uniform Militia: Maj Plauché – any French (go on give em all bear skins!)
Lacoste’s Free Men of Color: Lacoste – hsven’t found em yet!
Daquin’s Free Men of Color: Daquin – Hat Spanish militia with short hats
Baratarians (gunners from Jean Lafitte's pirate crews) – any pirate set
Jugeant’s Choctaws – Tecumseh and friends

Mississippi Dragoons: Hinds - Airfix RHA riders with tarletons
Detachment, 1st U.S. Dragoons: Ogden – Hat Bavarian Cavalry
Battalion, Kentucky Militia: Harrison

U.S Regular Army - US regs and marines – choose a different Napoleonic shako to differentiate from the British
7th U.S. Infantry
44th U.S. Infantry
U.S. Marines
Detachment, 1st U.S. Dragoons