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Re: battle of cable street

Graham Korn
Might be lost on our American cousins, methinks but what about something aimed at VBCW gaming? They shall not pass.

One of the proud moments from English 30s history which deserves to be taught in schools along with the 'mass trespass'.

Unfortunately it has almost erased from Brtish history because it shows depth of the establishment support for the fascists . It should be remembered when the East End stood up to the thugish blackshirts and stopped their intimidation. 'Hurrah for the Blackshirts' is a well remembered headline from one of the free press of this period!

Probably it would be best for Strelet to consider the brownshirts rather than the blackshirts as unfortunately anything associated with the nazi party sells well.

Re: battle of cable street

as italian, we had our battles against fascism, but, as everybody knows, we lost the war. for italians it's important to remeber that: 1) fascism wasn't just an italian phenomenon, but was shared with countries that are commonly regarded as sentinels of liberty; 2) it has been possible to (soundly) defeat fascism.
but we are not here to do politics or teach history lessons!
as hobbyist it's just interesting to have early 20th century armed civilians, blackshirts (or brownshirts) and police forces (in line with the strelets production of partisans and collaborationist militias for the eastern european theathre).

Re: Battle of Cable Street

Oswald Mosley based his uniform on a black version of the sporting dress for fencing. I don't think any other fascist or other paramilitary organisation for that matter wore the same shirt as the British Blackshirts.
The Irish Blueshirts would be another interesting set of figures and the shirt, tie and beret could probably be used for other paramilitary groups of the 30s.
I am not averse to marching figures it seems that apart from the earliest Airfix sets most figures are in fighting poses. Angry civilians c 1930 -1950 would be good for lots of situations and would give a bit more substance and background to my Hungary 1956* figures.


*latest recruits are the Zvezda Soviet Militia- the woman in this set is like a well known photo of a young Hungarian revolutionary woman