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Re: New sets of Ultima Ratio

Jerzy, the link does not work ? is it correct ?

Re: New sets of Ultima Ratio

Link works perfectly here.

It shows the boxart & sprues of 3 upcoming 1/72 figure sets from Ultima Ratio:
UR002 - WWII Soviet Mountain Troops for the battle of Mount Elbrus & the general caucasian ToW. (33 figures in 11 poses)
UR003 - WWII Soviet & Polish Infantry for the late war battles in Pomerania & East Prussia. (39 figures in 13 poses)
UR004 - Soviet Motorized Infantry & Spetsnaz for the Soviet War in Afghanistan 1979-89. (39 figures in 13 poses)

Highly welcomed & good looking figures which will be quite useful.

Hope that UR are considering to add some sets of weary looking 1942 Gebirgsjäger or exhausted 1944-45 eastern front Wehrmacht with a certain "campaign feel" for the near future.

As always, thanks for sharing the good news Jerzy!

Re: New sets of Ultima Ratio

Very interesting figures! Thank you for the link. Cappy.

Re: New sets of Ultima Ratio

this is their website

Re: New sets of Ultima Ratio

From images at link also looks like Zvezda is entering the 1/72 Pre-fab armour market - but nothing on Zvezda website about that.

Re: New sets of Ultima Ratio

I spotted that. Not seen anything about anywhere else. The UR figures look really nice, and I'm looking forwards to them. A discount book shop chain here in the UK recently had a run on cheap - 2GBP each - Russian vehicles, from a magazine or similar. They had everything from T80s to FAI-M armoured cars. The UR stuff looks like it will go well with them.

Re: New sets of Ultima Ratio

"wot you talkin' about, Willis? I don't see no Zvezda pre-builts ...."

The last row (the Zvezda stuff) was added after I'd checked the link. And of course I have just added a TOS-1 on my to build pile, so I will have at least 2 for my Warsaw Pact armies! Do I now add T-90s to my T-80s, T-72s and T-64s?

Re: New sets of Ultima Ratio

The tanks/vehicles are Fabbri Editori* (Ixo) and they normally sell for about £9 each so £2 is good. I bought a couple of Tigr vehicles (looks like a cross between a Humvee and a Humber Pig). The range seems to be very large with lots of variants and the packs would suggest they were originally going to Russia and other countries but not Western Europe or the USA. My local BW shop seems to have lots and lots of IS-2s probably more than they built in real life and these would of course go with the late WWII Ultima Ratio set. The UR sprues look a bit like Strelets tree trunks- is there a connection I wonder?


* Probably intended for a part work but I don't know if it was released or maybe it was sold only in selected outlets in Uzbekistan or Siberia.

Re: New sets of Ultima Ratio

I took the opportunity to invest in enough of the Fabbri vehicles to give me a selection of modern vehicles for a skirmish situation in the post Warpac republic of Ruritania not sure how post Warpac will get hold of Tigrs but 'the wonderful thing about tigrs, is tigrs are wonderful things....' (sorry). I bought a couple of them because our local Moderns expert says they are the using Tigr as the replacement for BRDM 2.

I also picked up some T28s and T35 (because apart from the fact that they're only £2) they're going to get steampunked.