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New Republican Romans

These look really nice. Is it too late to ask, though, whether the groin-protecting strips are fixed? I have no idea whether they are authentic, but Mr PSR doesn't like them ...

Re: New Republican Romans

Exactly as PSR writes: An apron belt is authentic, but only for Imperial Roman troops. Not for Republican Romans.
It's like a World War 2 soldier equipped with some gear from 2015.

Re: New Republican Romans

The apron 'danglia' aren't on all the figs, luckily, and if painted tha same as the mail shouldn't be too obvious.
I was a bit disappointed with the republican shields, which appear identical to those of the Italeri set, complete with motif. It would have been nice to have had the slightly longer and narrower version, as seen on the well-known 'Domitius Ahenobarbus' monument, and blank.
Good to see all the figs with plumes, this time.