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russian jaegers 1812

ok! watching on VK the new boxes by Red Box, I read with translator some opinions about the hypotetical realise the new set of russian jaegers for 1812 period by Zvezda ....little hope. Can You fill the lack in future?...many thanks.

Re: russian jaegers 1812

Hello Marco,

May be you already know but pictures of the 1812 Russian Jaegers are on this website : . go to date 16 Jan
They are Awesome !! Too bad ZVEZDA changed their plans...
I wonder what happened to their artist designer when they fired him in order to turn to computer assisted design. For me such a talented Lad should certainely not remained unemployed.
I want some more ZVEZDA Nappies !
Best regards.

Re: russian jaegers 1812

You are right.I don't like these new guys from the computer too and I don't buy them.
It's a pity that Zvezda decided to go this way. Hope the sculptor will find a new place.