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Re: Spam ?

The best way to eat Spam is thinly sliced and cold, straight from the fridge on white bread. Food fit for a King.

Some of the chippies local to me sliced it slightly thicker, and batter it and then deep-fry it for a Spam Fritier, though it's never the branded Spam but a generic so less pleasant.

I have also been told, and don't know if this is true it is very popular on the Hawaiian Islands. The person that told me this suggested this is because it reminds islanders of something that was eaten during the more turbulent historical times of the islands.

Re: Spam ?

Spam in my childhood family was a staple as the supermarket price was easy to swallow in those days! It is still a weekend must-have for my family for a Saturday or Sunday breakfast these days.

During WWII, where-ever GI's went, so did Spam. As Steve mentions, that's why it's so popular in Hawaii and throughout the Pacific. In the case of post-war Japan, it wasn't just handed out of Jeeps to the ever-hungry local children like Bubble Gum and Chocolate was. Good intentioned farmers, businessmen and humanitarians from the West Coast shipped cargo-loads of swine to Okinawa and the other more isolated islands to help them quickly rebuild their local economies on the cheap and pronto. During my years there, my wife fried up Spam for me on the weekends we had together. I'll tell you, the Japanese can make anything look special! :-)

Re: Spam ?

To keep in the spirit of the topic, and not just hijack it, I'll suggest a few things I've learned about the spam-blocker:

Don't QUOTE the guy you're replying to unless you must. That could be the immediate blocker. If you get blocked, then start over without the quote and your post may just work as is. This exact situation just happened to me now while replying to Steve below.

I've used terms like "Big Box" whenever talking about the marketing mumbo-jumbo and got blocked.

Write one sentence, or just a few for a longer reply, and then post immediately; don't "preview."

Keep posting while you compose your comments. If you get blocked, you'll know right off the fatal lingo.

DON'T forget to highlight and copy your latest version. Every time you get blocked, it deletes your hard-thunk comments.

DON'T over-use the "Post Message" or you'll exceed your welcome here and be locked out temporarily for exceeding the fun quotient.

I've had the worst luck when discussing what I want in a set, or how to package it up such as Big Boxes. If after following my own advice here, I'll feel lucky today if all this sticks. That's what I've experienced so far.

I hope this helps you guys. I feel bad that many a fine comment or suggestion likely got blocked, and sadly, for no good reason the spam-blocker was intended for.

Re: Spam ?

Thanks for the tips Mr. Clay. This has also happened to me and I was shocked at first, but now I see that a good number of have had this problem.