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Re: Jinetes


It is impossible to tell for sure from the pictures, you're right about that.

In contrast to knights and other noble cavalry, jinetes did not ride the best mounts. It would not be unusual for jinetes to be mounted on lean scraggly horses. From that perspective, I think the figures can afford to be a little ugly.

Re: Jinetes

Were there any Spanish Cavalry at the seige of Malta (or mounted mercenaries)?
I have the Revell and Caesar Conquistadores and was wondering if the Jinetes could be used.

Re: Jinetes

If memory serves me correctly, there was no cavalry inside Valetta itself,
(to use its modern name), but a force of cavalry was stationed in a nearby
town and was used to harass the Turkish camp. I don't know if the cavalry
was Spanish or Maltese.

Re: Jinetes

Totally right to use those jinetes as mounted conquistadores: they used to be less noble men with at least some money enough to get to Americas, have a horse or two (not always best quality, just what available...) and some light-medium armour plus weapons.

However they were lethal against aztecs who fought on foot, were scared of those big and noisy beasts and died by hundered wearing fabric or nor armour when charged by just a little mounted men with steel and armour.

It was a not very heavy cavalry in the french gendarme type, but instead a very fast and maneouvrable one, very good for making several times charge-and retreat-tactics not getting titred.

No idea about Malta sorry

Re: Jinetes


I'm not certain about Malta, however, based on where it is situated I would expect that the most likely cavalry support would have come from Stradiot. These Greco-Albanian light horsemen were mercenaries adept at fighting the Turks, and were often hired by Italian and German princes and kings.

Re: Jinetes

there is mention of knights charging the reteating turks,when the grand relief force landed and deployed.i dont know if they were mounted or on foot,maybe someone else knows.

Re: Jinetes

I thought, at a pinch, some of them could be used as Scottish Lancers for the ECW period (?).