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To Strelets: Supply Issue!

I don't mean to meddle in your business, but I was talking to one of my US suppliers about your upcoming releases & he said he might not carry them because the Italian Distributor for the US (& others?) is a real ***** to deal with! He over inflates shipping costs & just makes it so difficult to get Strelets figs that many suppliers have stopped carrying your stuff! He said that he has had to deal directly with this guy because none of the US distributors he used to deal with will carry you figs anymore! I would hope this is something you could look into & maybe set straight? I would hate to miss out on your great figs, especially when some really awesome sets are coming!

Re: To Strelets: Supply Issue!

Dear Bert,

indeed, for various reasons, we don't have distributors in the US. Shipping cost, along with the transit times, are major problems in this area. However, may we suggest our US-based customers to try European dealers, while strong dollar makes them very competitive, even with all P&P prices on top.

Best regards,


Re: To Strelets: Supply Issue!

Agree. I have bought a number of Strelets figures from Germany. Costs are lower than U.S. hobby stores even with currency exchange and shipping.