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WW2 Pacific war range

Dear Strelets
Your expanding into the Pacific war subject is very welcome.
But my I suggest you somethings.
There's a complete lack in the market for what concerning Japanese figures in RAGGED condition. All figures available are too neat if they were coming out from the academy and thrown in to battle straight away!

My wish, and i think also from most of PTO fans is to have a set of RAGGED JAPANESE figures....we all know that in the hot and harsh climate in the Pacific, Guinea, Burma....the uniform were quickly shading.....and equipment was lacking supply...

A set of these figures would be very useful....and you would be the first!! (in metal there is only COMBAT who have a couple of ragged japanese).


Re: WW2 Pacific war range

I think this is a good idea! When you watch footage from WWII the Japanese troops have a definately ragged appearance. WWII Pacific theater also lacks
U.S. Marine artillery and heavy weapons (mortars and 50. caliber machine guns).

Re: WW2 Pacific war range

ALL US troops lack artillery & hvy weapons for WW2! Both PTO & ETO! US is the most neglected MAJOR player in plastic! Even the Italians have more than the US does! Tho Japanese is a VERY close 2nd! Some tattered US troops for Merrill's Marauders, etc & Filipino guerrillas are desperately needed! PTO is a hugely forgotten theater!

Re: WW2 Pacific war range

A good idea, as long as it is not overdone. Regards, Pa