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Re: Sandbags

Bob Richman
Can anyone recommend a brand of 1/72 scale sanbags besides the Pegasus resin (all scale) ones? I'll need a bunch to make a Rorke's Drift scenario. I bought a bag of Navy Beans to D.I.Y. but I am so busy painting I really don't have the time to assemble them; what kind of glue is best?

I bought the BMC Sandbags. Although it says 54mm, they work well for my Rorke's Drift setup. Below is a link to YouTube a hobbiest posted. He actually does a good job of showing them. Scroll forward and he shows the sandbags with 54mm soldiers and I think they are better for 1/72. I bought tons of these and they are inexpensive. It's a hard plastic, but still a little soft. They will not break. I cut the ends off and you can press a piece of flat plastic or cardboard up underneath to hold them together, or glue them. I also use them for WWI. They make nice simple trenches. You can build any size diorama for a very fair and inexpensive investment, and the color looks really nice just as they are. You can buy BMC from any of your favorite sellers, or eBay, Amazon ... YouTube Link:

Re: Sandbags (Plus More)

BTW, My Rorke's Drift Collection is based upon the movie's compound layout, and not the historically correct compound's actual design. For the end of the movie with the burning hospital building, I really like the following 1/72 kit. It's out of production, but still easily found with a little looking. It's 1/72, tall, and has the top barn hayloft door the men escape out of while it's on fire: