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Re: 9.2-inch howitzer

Alan Buckingham
Well done RCD very good, I noticed on the Amera plastics site that they had some WW1 artillery bunkers, going by the description they were to go with the cancelled Airfix sets.

Yes it was a pity that Airfix cancelled the WW1 artillery range although they are producing a couple of early WW1 aircraft in 2016 - must be grateful that its not more Stukas or tiger tanks!

I have used their bases before and the artillery bunkers do look good.Certainly they would be quicker than my current bunkers using Wilkinson brown wood filler etc

Re: 9.2-inch howitzer

Strelet should seriously consider selling their artillery crews separately especially these and the WW2 early artillery crew. With so many artillery sets being produced without crews there must be a market for them.

Amen to that and well done RCD. Regards, Pa

Earth Box?

Pardon my ignorance, but what is the purpose of the Earth box? When I heard it mentioned, when this model first came out, I had a much different notion of what it was. Now seeing it with a couple of contributions, it is not what I expected.

Re: Earth Box?

The principle was to add enough weight to stop the gun moving once fired.

Re: Earth Box?

"An earth box is bolted across the front part of the firing beams to
prevent the front of the carriage lifting on firing."

page 41 Handbook 9.2 Inch BL Howitzers, Marks I & II. 1920.

The box dismantles into 5 panels for transport and holds 11 tons of earth...

Oh yes, and Well Done RCD