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Re: Cavalry WW2

Your Sculptor Anton makes a perfect figures. Japanese Airborne Troops are very good. Do you have any plans to make a Japanese cavalry WW2?

You could do a series on this type of troops:
1.Japanese cavalry WW2
2.German cavalry WW2
3.Cavalry RKKA WW2
4.Cossacks WW2
5.Italian cavalry WW2
6.Romanian cavalry WW2

The cavalry of these countries - the most famous.

The format may be like Red Box: 2-6 poses of the horses and 5-6 poses of riders.
Вох is 10-12 (or 15-18) mounted figures.

Usually people like mounted figures.

You already can get German and Italian cavalry from Waterloo 1815

Re: Cavalry WW2


You already can get German and Italian cavalry from Waterloo 1815

There are only three poses in the set of German cavalry.

And I can't buy Japanese cavalry, cossaсks, romanian cavalry.
And Cavalry RKKA WW2 from Strelets could be in the new set more like new sets from Anton.

Re: Cavalry WW2

Yes, WW2 cavalry sets in 1/72 would be nice. The German and to some extent the Italian set available depict giants. Other than them, I can only think of the Revell cossacks.

But let's face it, cavalry charges were a very rare thing in WW2. The Polish did not attack German tanks with horsemen. About the 1942 "Savoia" attack, I find it difficult to accept the idea of cavalry attacking anything with hand grenades. A horse might be fast but you don't want to be near an exploding grenade while seated with your head 2 meters above ground level.

These sets would require much thinking about the poses. Waterloo1815 did well with their German giants in this regard. Riders scouting, dismounted observers and fighters seem the logical thing. But would they be as attractive as the saber-wielding standard? Regards, Pa