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Re: are they new masters for Zvezda big boxes?

Yeah, I would have thought that they would have added things like French Imperial Guard, Russian Grenadiers, and light infantry and additional various cavalry units for the two sides, especially for people who don't have or want the big box sets, but as you said it all goes to waste if the figures aren't accurately done to portray each army as they actually faced each other. At least their French and Russian big box sets match each over well, to my limited knowledge at least!

Re: are they new masters for Zvezda big boxes?

It May not be the end of Zvezda's 1/72 scale figures just yet!

In their 2014 Catalogue they had a very long list of new Mini-sets, Board games and other kits they were going to produce many of which they cancelled and did not appear in the 2015 Catalogue, however they are now well on course to producing all the New kits announced in the 2015 Catalogue, meaning they should be ready to produce new figures, kits or revisiting some of the planned items in the 2014 Catalogue the WW1 Mini sets spring to mind.

So I do think there is a good chance they will keep producing 1/72 scale figures probably only the Mini-sets for now but I hope that they will return to the Big box sets too, the 2016 Catalogue should gives us some answers.

Re: are they new masters for Zvezda big boxes?

Thank You Brian for these interresting but sad news regarding ZVEZDA Plans...
Their irregular Cossaks are just Awesome !! With only 3 poses they should do a small set out of them !!

Re: are they new masters for Zvezda big boxes?

The new Zvezda management are really an incompetent lot who give a **** about our hobby. Just received the French Infantry command set. Have you noticed? The assembly instructions are titled: "French Dragoons command"! And the fifer's Bardin style Imperial livery has six front lace bars instead of five. Careless idiots.