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Re: Yet more mainly orginal sets

Oh, boy - more WWII Pacific and African Theater sets! This is great, great news for the hobby and an underserved market to boot.

Here are some other WWII sets that need to be made for either or both theaters, in order of importance and lack of decent alternatives in the hobby:

1. Indian infantry - both for North Africa and Malaya and later the CBI Theater. The only set that portrays this critically important part of the Allied forces is that toy-like Atlantic set from eons ago. For what it's worth, you could go with two different sets - one early war for Singapore plus North Africa and one later war that would work for Kohima/Imphal and later operations in Burma. Must include Sikhs!

2. KNIL - nobody makes them and they can't be replicated from existing sets without all sorts of creative endeavor. Should include a mix of Europeans and natives, including at least one guy wielding a klewang.

3. People's Liberation Army - the Caesar set with both Nationalists and Communists isn't really adequate for either and in any case tilts toward the Nationalists and the pre-1941 phase of the conflict. A set focused on the PLA in summertime uniforms would be ideal and could work for Korea as well.

4. Japanese Naval Landing Units - sailors in helmets. Can't convert them from existing WWII Japanese sets no matter how hard one tries.

5. Japanese in winter gear - for Manchuria, China and the Aleutians. Again, nothing out there works for them as the Japanese are all armed for the tropics or perhaps Khalkin Gol.

6. French in Indochina - they didn't do much fighting except against the Thais in the 1941 border war, but they are interesting sets and different uniforms. Could also be used in various other WWII scenarios that involved Vichy, such as Syria, Madagascar or Dakar. Would be an added bonus if some of the men were either Africans, Annamese or both.

7. East African Italians - including Eritrean askari and perhaps Libyan soldiers. The Waterloo 1815 sets are more appropriate for the Western Desert than the fighting in the Ethiopian highlands. Again, enough here for at least two sets.

8. And speaking of Ethiopians - a set of them, which could be useful for both the Italo-Abyssinian War or the East Africa Campaign.

9. Late Pacific War Brits - they look similar to the Aussies but there were some differences in uniform, equipment and headgear. Heck, if you can make WWII New Zealanders you can make these!

What else is missing from the above set?

M115 - Napoleonic French Sappers.


new set suggestions

what about medical units,pack animals,civilians,vietnamese,fillipino fighting units etc ,command units...radios,officers,bicycles,cooks,supply,working parties?

Re: new set suggestions

Ha! The funny thing is, I actually asked about the same thing of Strelets about the Japanese set. I hoped they'd have a radio operator, Senior Officer, a pack mule and a surrendering Japanese soldier, but was told that since it was a mini-set and therefore the same sprue is repeated 4 times, it would not be possible to do something so specific because then you end up with four officers and four radiomen and four surrendering etc. They would take up too much of the box of figures.

Re: new set suggestions

Absolutely stoked about the Japs - nice one Strelets!