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American civil war 1-72

hello Strelets, is there any chance you could design a set of figures for sailors, soldiers and marines for the early part of the american civil war ( First Bull Run era) .
you could include various headwear,mexican caps, fezs, corsican caps, forage caps haverlocks etc, shirt tops, battleshirts, shell jackets and the longer frock coats with boots, shoes leggings and gaitors.
regiments hard to reproduce are 6th US inf, 11th NY fire zouaves, 11th Mississippi,
1st Rhode Island, 79th NY, 69th NY, and civil war sailors accuratley.
And i shouldn't forget to include Indian dress mixed with regulation garb for the Indian Territory, possibly before, during and just after the Civil war period.
Hopefully it could be worth you thinking about!
all the best

Re: American civil war 1-72

I could see a need for dismounted cavalry:

Infantry at Bull Run with havelocks:

Infantry with greatcoats would be really useful:*gUGepf-eh4gKA673nJ22eM8TEWfIw2m6Vs2vMicgZy-nzeSdpJqMkaS1LPJ5w6R2izGwZv/IrishBrigade5.jpg

And the Irish Brigade with early uniforms with sack coast, gaiters and hardee hats aren't available:

Of course, the last thing I need is Strelets to make another subject I will buy. I am going to sink a lot of money into those early WWII sets.