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Re: The Silver Age is nigh!


I like the Silver Age as a metaphor which is far better than cigarette end grey. I have 3 grandsons now so maybe all my plastic junk will go to them and they may prove to be loyal customers or producers in the future. My sister's grandchildren and Canadian cousins' grandchildren have researched their (and mine) family history with far more energy and zeal than I could muster.


Re: The Golden Age is over!

LOL! Good one Andrew! & oh so true! I have no one to leave my troops to & can not imagine what will happen to them when I am gone?

Yes, so far the survivors are finally listening to their customers & putting out carefully selected sets which have been asked for since Hat first put up a forum! Still not sure I will live to see my coveted ACW Iron Brigade made, but many other sets I've longed for are out, coming, in the pipeline or looking good!

Re: The Golden Age is over!

no my dear's not over. see Strelets, Waterloo1815, Orion, Redbox, and naturally ...Hat industrie.