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Re: Ancient Palmyrans

Re: Ancient Palmyrans

What would an Ancient Palmyran army look like (types of units)?

Re: Ancient Palmyrans

If you can get access to the Internet you just have to google "Palmyran Army" for a range of references. These are a useful introduction:

(Note: the DBA army list is further developed in the latest 3.0 version)

There are several sets of cataphracts in 1/72 plastic, and the rest can fairly easily be converted from Persians, Parthians, Sassanids etc.

Re: Ancient Palmyrans

The Palmyrans would be mostly a Cataphract horse archer army. Similar to parthians. They would have more camel mounted and arab mercenaries, and possible roman style infantry.

I like the Queen Zenobia historical element, very romantic, and similar to Cleopatra. I think a rich ancient court scene set would be super cool. I'd also like a colorful command / camp set and some elite camel mounted troops.

Mostly for fun, not too serious sets really. But they did have some serious fights with the romans.