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Re: lawrence of arabia

It was announced on PSR's news page. I don't think it is a mini, it is listed in the standard sets, set 115. Right now the place holder just reads "World War I".

Re: lawrence of arabia

Needs MG teams as well.

Re: lawrence of arabia

A Lawrence set cannot cover the subject, several sets could, just for the irregulars you need mounted on horse and camel, demolition and machine gun teams , infantry advancing and fighting ,prone ,kneeling and standing, plus command figures. I hope the sculptor does his best work ever on this/these set/s my fingers are crossed.

Re: lawrence of arabia

tom s
cant wait to see the figures.

This announcement is so intriguing! I too can't wait to see what the Strelets Team comes up with for this theme.

I guess I'd like to buy many sets of action figures of Arab sets of both Camel and Horse mounted. Plus foot Arabs in action poses. This would include poses of Lawence both mounted and on foot, of course, in his Arab costume, hopefully leading the charge over the sand dune attacking the train scene.

Oh, the possibilities! 2016 is shaping up to be another banner year.

Thank you Strelets Team.

Re: lawrence of arabia

Well done Strelet, - nice suprise.

Again Strelet is producing yet another orginal set with all its possiblities. I agree that it needs to be several sets to do the subject juctice. If the standard of modeling is up to 9.2" gunners it has the potential.

Possibly producing more orginal sets is the way forward for other manufactuers - new subjects rather than just producing endless repeats for the 'Third Reich love-in brigade'.

Whether we like it or not most, too many of the mass market manufactures whose products dominate model shops/toy shops find it easier/and cheaper to keep using 40+ year old moulds and unfortunately they are showing their age with the amount of flash present. Certainly, this is a serious problem and must be a turn off for many new modellers.

Was this again an example Strelet looking at vaious forums to get an indication of what customers really want?

Re: lawrence of arabia

We certainly need a bare minimum of two sets for this subject- one mounted set and one of foot figures. Then some opponents such as Ottoman (Arab) irregulars would be nice as well !

Re: lawrence of arabia

FANTASTIC News!!! Thank you, Strelets!!