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Re: Strelets, have you decided on a new range yet?

Do like the idea of going back to that Hastings period.
Remember that Hastings was the last of three battles fought in 1066. As well as Normans there needs to be a few Viking sets for Harald Sigurdsson armies at Fulford and Stamford Bridge in the same month. Certainly, its the case that the winners write the histories as the first two battles are now footnotes in history.

One can only speculate what whould have happened if William had landed first rather than the Norse army.

.... and colonial Vichy French for the South Africans for early Pacific campaigns please.

Re: Strelets, have you decided on a new range yet?

Dear Strelets
Your comment about expanding the ww2 Pacific war is very welcome.
Can you give us a little more information about your plans for what concerning the JAPANESE range? Are you going to produce artillery (field pieces with crew, when possible also the big calibers )?
In the pipeline there are also the SNLF ?

Thanks for a reply