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Re: congratulation for the new sculptor!!

Well I would buy all those too. While we are at it, I have been catching up on my WW2 Desert stuff, and there are gaps, Africa korp, artillery crew, tank crew/commanders (mig do a set of three ,but are proving impossible to buy) and seated figures. Much the same can be said for the 8th Army as well. Please would some one make them.

Re: congratulation for the new sculptor!!

Dear Marco,

actually, the sculptor is pretty "old" one - we've been working with for over 10 years.

Best regards,


Re: congratulation for the new sculptor!!

dear Strelets' crew, i hope i have not offended...but the artistic growth of the sculptor is been steady and admirable, so that in the last boxes the shape of the masters very close to the quality of big companies in this then to him the best compliments for his work... sincere greetings to me from Italy.

Re: congratulation for the new sculptor!!

Excellent to see the increased skills - or maybe it is better production technology. Whatever it is, the new sets are lovely and mix much better with other manufacturers' output, so many thanks for the energy invested!

marco zappa
...i hope you'll produce the french foreign legio for 2ww battle in North Africa (Bir Akeim) and the Moroccan troops for the invasion of South Italy. another pray for you: the imperial artillery of Japan and Hungarian tanks for 2ww.

All interesting - Japanese field artillery is completely untouched in 1/72 plastics - the Fujimi styrene gun is more of a mountain / infantry gun and the Waterloo1815 gun is a 70mm infantry gun. Would definitely buy this, an possibly any of the other sets Marco suggested. Regards, Pa