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9.2" howitzer

Again an excellent model Alan. Still not sure where some of the bits went and ended up using the Landship article to attempt to improve my model. Still pleased with this model especially the nine figures (managed to lose one!). Must get another and improve on my effort!

Keep producing figures of this quality they are great - I especially like the one in the soft hat that reminded me of Baldrick from Blackadder IV and the staff officier.

Re: 9.2" howitzer

More inspiring work from Alan!!


Re: 9.2" howitzer

Thanks Gents, it would be great if there were a "like" button some times here on the forum.

Wow-makes me wonder what Strelets could do with a 3" naval cannon

I think the crews, when painted up, impress me most. I would love to see Strelets do a 3" Naval cannon with Marine crew from 1941. They'd complement the Early WWII Americans for use at Wake and Philippines.

I don't paint, but the WWI British and Germans really look nice on these contributions.

Re: Wow-makes me wonder what Strelets could do with a 3" naval cannon

I really good job on the gun and crew. Altogether a nice model, I especially
liked the staff officer with the cane. No one would mistake this crew for Americans!