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Re: eMail to Strelets*R

You will now note the eMail used to reactivate my account here has been recognised as the same one I had 7 years ago, please compare with 'PDA'. You can remove this thread when you remove the other one.

Nobody else need comment this is a serious matter with legal implications.

Re: eMail to Strelets*R

Hugh, I also have a screen cap of that thread and offer my support and co-operation in this matter.

Re: eMail to Strelets*R

Thanks PDA, it took me five minutes to show you're in Canada coming out of a 'Roberts' server/hub and I was in the UK on a Virgin (now Vodafone) hub.

Strelets*R are a company with a similar range to HaT, and a similar number of products, yet a lower traffic-count on their Forum...because they allow a free-for-all for bullies and liars.