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Light/Dark Alliance sets 72005 and 72006 - and suggestion of other sets


any idea about the Light/Dark Alliance Sets 72005 and 72006? It's the only gap in the early sets.

could it be Elfs Set2 and maybe Elfs Cavalry? I remember, that once I have seen some information about elfs set2.

Haradrim sets would be real nice:

and Mumakil (elephants): his would be a great set!

Re: Light/Dark Alliance sets 72005 and 72006 - and suggestion of other sets

They are extremely tight lipped about future sets! I only found out about the coming "Fantasy" Amazons (Inf & Cav) By begging for info about the coming "Historical" Amazons! However, one would have to imagine one of those #s will be the actual uniformed armored Elves actually shown on the box front! The set we got was actually set#2 (per the back of the box). Not sure why that happened, but would have to imagine something happened to set#1 that has sent it back to the drawing board. A set of Elf cavalry would be great! However, the numbering system has been pretty much thrown out the window due to the addition of an extra Half-Orc set they didn't plan on or their decision to make Half-Orc Warg Riders? Either way, I HOPE we will someday get Elf Warriors & Cavalry, but there are no guarantees!

Re: Light/Dark Alliance sets 72005 and 72006 - and suggestion of other sets

Oh, also, great idea on the Haradrim! I think we need ALL the races of men made! Gondor(Inf, Irregulars & Cav), Rohan(Inf & Cav) & I would LOVE those Asian looking troops who marched into Mordor, nearly caught Sam & Frodo & never made another appearance! Plus, I'd even like the Corsair Pirates! & let us not forget, Hobbits!

We need at least 2 character sets; #1 on foot: Gandalf with sword(Caesar was nice enough to supply us with one with a staff!), Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Merry in battle dress, Pippin, Pippin in battle dress, Eowyn in battle dress, Boromir, Faramir. #2 Mounted: Theodin, Gandalf, Eowyn in battle dress with Merry, Faramir, Aragorn. I'm sure there are lots more for both!