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Re: Colonial Vichy French

I've heard this idea before and think it's a good one. Plus, they can also be used as Vichy French troops who turned against Vichy and joined the allies.

Re: Colonial Vichy French

Never heard of any military action of the Vichy regime.... Not even by the Algers allied disembark by OP. Torch...

Sorry, For me there are many other periods or troops to be developed first...

Even WWII (not my main topic) would deserve more space first for Free France Army who actually fought though battles... Als,o not many italian, not Slovakians nor Yugoslavian nor greek (regular or partisan) ever represented; they actually saw a lot of war

Re: Colonial Vichy French

The Vichy forces did fight the allied landings of Torch for three days, although there wasn't much they could do to stop it. After they surrendered they formally joined the Allied side and laid the foundation for the revival of the French Army. I would be much more interested in using them this way than fighting for Vichy against the Allies. Perhaps a more interesting set would be for the French Army from 1943-1945, with a combination of equipment and weapons of French, British, American and African origin. Morrocan Goumiers would also be welcome. Battlefield miniatures makes them, but no one has done them in plastic so far.

Re: Colonial Vichy French

Would they also work for the Rif War, and the French occupation of Syria, just after WW1?

WW1 Tanks

Re: Colonial Vichy French

I agree RCD. Many people may be unaware of these actions, and in particular the hard fought campaign in Syria. Coming from Australia I am more aware of this due to Australian involvement.It provides an interesting campaign with Vichy Regular, Colonial, African and Levantine troops well supported by Aircraft, Tanks and Armoured cars vs Australian, Indian, British and Free French, who lacked material support.

A quick introduction to the campain can be found below:

More detailed info can be found in "Australia in the War of 1939-1945- Greece Crete and Syria" by Gavin Long with over 200 pages dedicated to the action.

Some of Vickhy troop types found here could be used to supplement Allied forces later fighting in Ialy.

Re: Colonial Vichy French

Hi chaps,

I appreciate it's an expensive way to do it but if anyone is really keen to start on a Vichy French colonial unit Elhiem produce a great little range in white metal:

I'm half way through painting a couple of dozen of these boys up for Vichy/inter war action and they are very nice sculpts and absolutely compatible with 1/72 plastics.

He also does the Thai Royal Army if anyone is after a properly obscure campaign to wargame!