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Re: Okay, so the Japanese Airborne master are up....

I know the Japanese made two paratrooper landings in the Netherlands
East Indies early in the war and saw some hard fighting there. Later in the
war the Japanese used paratroopers to make a surprise attack on an American
base. I believe they used transports to crash land on the base and the paratroopers poured out to attack with handgrenades and automatic weapons.
They were wiped out by the Americans. Judging by the weapons carried by the
figures modeled, my guess is that it was the latter part of the war the
sculptor had in mind.

Re: Okay, so the Japanese Airborne master are up....

Wow!!! Awesome looking figures. Thanks, Strelets.


Re: Okay, so the Japanese Airborne master are up....

The Japanese had paratroops? I've never read a word about them? Cool interesting figs tho!

I'm with you Arlin!

Re: Okay, so the Japanese Airborne master are up....

They seem be mainly Navy paratroops. The Navy cap has side flaps and openings for the ears and the round badges on the right arm would be the parachutes and anchor badge. Most pics show the Navy, generally FSJ influenced, with lace up boots and the Army with puttees and half boots. For Navy(IJN)the peak of the cap showing under the steel helmet has been exaggerated or as someone suggests the helmets are too small. Most therefore look like the Navy paratroops or the branch known as Rikusentai or Special Naval Forces Landing which included paratroops and may have been used in other than Indonesia (mentioned) as a small force either parachuted from a plane or landed by plane(including flying boats and floatplanes) or by boat etc. The Nambu pistol was issued to most on this type of mission not just to officers. I think it unlikely the officer or NCO carried swords on these missions.


Re: Okay, so the Japanese Airborne master are up....

Interesting little history lesson there

The masters look terrific, please be careful with the moulds, Strelets!

I've said before that Strelets should do some WW2 Japanese and while these look great, and I'll definitely be getting some, if they were to do more traditional Japanese jungle fighters, a set of US Marines and a set of 14th Army or Chindits they would OWN the Far East in WW2 and clean up at the bank at the same time since no other plastic sets come close the the quality of these masters.

Time to read Darkie's Mob again, I think!