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Re: Another issue with PSR!

Colin D.
Is it really just one person running PSR? If so, then he is doing a tremendous job just keeping up with and reviewing all the new sets, especially when it comes to purchasing all those sets.
Just piecing together little clues over the years gives me the distinct impression PSR is one guy, who buys at least one of every toy soldier set. I could be wrong, of course.

It's also clear that some articles on the site are written by somebody else, eg the article about Cereal Gladiators, but then surely they must be edited by the PSR guy. I think (but don't know) that occasionally he gets a mate to review a set, but then that review would also be subjected to editing by the PSR guy to ensure it fits "the style".

He has made it clear that he buys the sets; he does not get them for free. That goes a long way to ensuring he isn't persuaded to write something nice just because the company gave him them free. It also may explain why he reviews the sets he reviews - maybe he's just not into wargs, goblins, and zombies, or not into them enough, or doesn't have enough time to get into them.

So I agree he's doing a tremendous job. I have a website and a blog, both of which are tiny, and neither of which I update as often as the PSR guy.

Wow, that is impressive, I always wondered how he got hold of all those sets, and since he's buying them all of out of his own pocket than he truly is doing a great service to our hobby.
PSR guy, I salute you!

Re: PSR Dropping The Ball Again?

I love's one of the three websites I visit almost every day (the others being HaT and Strelets of course).

That said, I disagree with many of the opinions expressed, particularly with regards to Strelets products. But, hey, each to their own.

On the subject of PSR reviewing fantasy figures, its probably hard to objectively review an Orc or a Warg or an Elf. How would you know if an Orc was accurately armed/armoured, or if the gait of a Warg looked "natural" or not, or if the ears on an Elf were too big or too small? Are you basing your review on the Peter Jackson films, your interpretation of the Tolkien novels, or some fantasy figures produced back in the early 1970s?


Re: PSR Dropping The Ball Again?

i dont think anyone expects a review of fantasy figures from psr.just a treatment like the eagle games,or caesar fantasy figures have on the feature page.

"The question is, would you want to buy them? Well of course these are not meant to be accurate or attractive models, just game pieces, so this is not a criticism of their designer. However their very basic features means they are unlikely to be of much use to most modellers and gamers in our view. Still at least you now know what you would be getting if you did decide to buy these."

that was from the end of one of the eagle games feature on psr.for fantasy figures,the last sentence sums it up quite well.

Re: PSR Dropping The Ball Again?

Fair call, without a review would indeed be useful, and make a great resource even better.


Re: PSR Dropping The Ball Again?

I might suggest that anyone could do a review of the Fantasy figures currently available and post it on the internet as "Fantasy Plastic Soldier Review"... there's not that many sets and only a few company's producing them if you stick to 1/72 ... why try and force someone who's not that interested to do it, doubtless PSR is run by hobbyist's like the rest of us after all..

Re: PSR Dropping The Ball Again?

I'm joining this late as I am just getting back in town, but I know from experience that PSR not only accepts feedback via the provided contacts, but will amend their reviews if you have info of which they were previously unaware. In my experience PSR has been thankful for the insights and very gracious. I might not always agree with PSR's opinions, as a friend of mine is fond of quoting, if two people are in 100% agreement all the time, one isn't thinking for himself. As others have said numerous times, PSR's contribution to the hobby is immeasurable.

My own theory on the nature of the site is it is a one-man operation. I get the impression he started out reviewing figures he bought but as his site grew in popularity smart manufacturers will send him examples of their output. If they don't they should IMHO - after all, even a bad review still gets their output publicized. And if you aren't confident of the quality of your product maybe you should look for another line of business?

Re: PSR Dropping The Ball Again?

i see osprey is coming out with an orc warfare book,lol.
well if osprey can put out fantasy warfare books,then psr might as well put up pictures of fantasy sets.