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Re: New Redbox sets on their site

David O'Brien
Just got their Japanese Army Aviation Pilots and Ground Crew figures after being for over a year on back order. They are wonderful some of the best quality figures around and 42 in the box 10/10.
They are so good you could paint them spooky luminous green and have them as ghostly Kamikaze pilot figures to face the Amazons and zombies. Probably some Manga story that already incorporates this

I fully agree, those three sets are quite stunning, a tad heavy on air crew to ground crew, but every pose is good. I hope the same sculptor can do some Japanese gunners and heavy weapon sets. Plus I hope Redbox do more for the Jacobite range.

Re: New Redbox sets on their site

Graham Korn
Haven't Redbox, through perseverance, come on from being a manufacturer who always had interesting ideas and commitment to an era but couldn't execute their ideas very well to one of the most innovative companies whose figures have improved leaps and bounds. Still not the best quality but deserve to be supported and encouraged.

Yes I have to admit I'm quite a fan now. Their Wars of the Roses sets are particularly nice.

And yes the Amazons are excellent too.

... AND ANOTHER TWO SETS ... of Turkish Artillery!

... now four sets. I'm achieving 16/17c artillery saturation.

Re: New Redbox sets on their site

I needed those Amazons & have been waiting for them impatiently! A bit unhappy with the infantry, but the cavalry made up for it! Those are HALF-Orcs Graham! Scaling the walls of Helms Deep! Tho they appear to be modern, the Zombies are interesting tho having quite so many child Zombies is incredibly creepy!

I was so excited by the new Fantasy sets that I totally did not look to see if other new sets were posted! The 2 siege artillery sets look great!

Yes, I agree, Red Box's quality has gotten so much better! They finally solved the flash issue & their quality is excellent! Now if we can just get them to use some better colors!

Re: New Redbox sets on their site

The zombie figures are interesting, I might get some of those to put against my modern figures in a "zombie apocalypse" scenario. I love those types of films, so it would be cool to act that out on the tabletop

Re: New Redbox sets on their site

I will get a box each of the Zombies to add to my two boxes of Caesar ones and I think that will just about satisfy my Zombie fixation for good with a suitably ghoulish variety of ages, gender and poses. What we need now are some suitably panic stricken civilians - those who are gonna survive and those who are gonna die(ish).