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Re: New Redbox sets on their site

I needed those Amazons & have been waiting for them impatiently! A bit unhappy with the infantry, but the cavalry made up for it! Those are HALF-Orcs Graham! Scaling the walls of Helms Deep! Tho they appear to be modern, the Zombies are interesting tho having quite so many child Zombies is incredibly creepy!

I was so excited by the new Fantasy sets that I totally did not look to see if other new sets were posted! The 2 siege artillery sets look great!

Yes, I agree, Red Box's quality has gotten so much better! They finally solved the flash issue & their quality is excellent! Now if we can just get them to use some better colors!

Re: New Redbox sets on their site

The zombie figures are interesting, I might get some of those to put against my modern figures in a "zombie apocalypse" scenario. I love those types of films, so it would be cool to act that out on the tabletop

Re: New Redbox sets on their site

I will get a box each of the Zombies to add to my two boxes of Caesar ones and I think that will just about satisfy my Zombie fixation for good with a suitably ghoulish variety of ages, gender and poses. What we need now are some suitably panic stricken civilians - those who are gonna survive and those who are gonna die(ish).