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Re: Strelets re releases

David, I had hoped for that set too, I also hoped a British Naval brigade set would be done, my great great Grandfather was captured by the Russians in the Crimea, he was a boy sailor on HMS Albion, he was later returned in a prisoner exchange, I have his medal for the campaign. I spotted them on hannants future releases a week or so ago.

Re: Strelets re releases

I think re-releases would be a good idea for Strelets. I'd like to
see them re-release their Norman and Anglo-Saxon sets.

Same here.
Some of the sets can still be found but at "silly Prices". High Prices for a set like Revell praetorians released nearly 30 years ago, (and apparently the molds destroyed) ok but for a set like M003 Anglo-Saxons, only released 6 years ago? Not really fair for collectors /wargamers

Re: Strelets re releases

Dear David,

Indeed, we re-released few sets in the past.
Opponents to set 051 aren't planned as a single set, as we've released several other sets, devoted to commanders of each opposing army, excl. Sardinians.


Re: Strelets re releases

Dear Strelets

Good for the hobby and hopefully good for your business.
I was thinking more of the hospital figures in set 051. You are right set 902 Heavy Brigade does indeed have most of the British General staff and officers.