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3D Printing Skeleton Tank

Was browsing Shapeways yesterday and found a 1/72 WWI American Skeleton Tank:

Skeleton Tank

To my knowledge, it's the only 1/72 Skeleton Tank. I added it to the list of tank kits on the website:

WWI Tanks

And it got me thinking, as Strelets design their Arms series in 3D Software, perhaps they could make their models available from Shapeways, or similar. The models would be more expensive, but they would be better quality because they wouldn't have gotten warped in a mold, or collected flash and seam lines and etc.

I'd be tempted to pay a little more for a gun where the barrel wasn't in two halves that don't quite join up nicely. And because the model pieces wouldn't have to be molded, they could be a little more delicate.