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Re: New box from Redbox Battlefield accessory set

Each to their own....I'm more than happy with the sledges as a basic wargaming model to add some colour/flavour to my 1812 winter games.

Ironically, I was reading the review on the Russian Sledge Set #2 where PSR lambastes the "useless" poses and I took a closer and thought how great some of them would be as officers and artillery crew for regular and irregular units in winter I immediately bought two more boxes :-)


Re: New box from Redbox Battlefield accessory set

I am not sure how the Redbox gabions, palisades, wattle fences etc compare with 28mm scale similar items or scratch building or a bit of both.
For example a bit of both:
Using Milliput or similar make a female mould from either 28mm or 1/72nd scale originals then press mould using freshly mixed Milliput into the hardened female mould. This is great for things like gabions or stone retaining walls when you need lots of them. The Italeri set 6030 has items that are crisply defined and could make good masters. Wooden cocktail sticks and skewers(kebab) always look good for palisades and cheese (Camembert) boxes can provide a variety of flat bits of wood. Those of you who have real wooden fences probably have lots of left over water based fence paint which can be used to authentically colour the cocktail sticks etc.

Stalingrad resin figures do WWII peasant sledges and carts in 1/35th scale.
The horse harnesses on the peasant carts are the same as those that would be used on a 19th c sledge. The Strelets horse harness and collar (correct term)are not too bad but the yoke is missing and the shafts are too crude and should not attach directly to the horse and should articulate up and down not left to right. The pics (see above) show what a peasant sledge should look like with evidence in photos, paintings, models etc to back this up.