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Re: Full coverage of certain conflicts

May I suggest Han Chinese with chariots the whole thing. Watch "Red Cliff" for inspirations.

Re: Full coverage of certain conflicts

Ranges that imho would be lucrative for Strelets.

- World War I
- Russian Civil War & Polish–Soviet War (plus the related 1917-21 conflicts in Finnland, the Ukraine, the Baltic States and the Caucasus/Turkey)
- Balkan Wars 1912-13
- Seven Years War 1754-63 & War of Austrian Succession 1740–48
- Russo-Japanese War 1904–05
- Boxer Rebellion 1899-1901
- Franco-Prussian War 1870-71 & Austro-Prussian War 1866
- Spanish Civil War 1936-39
- Mexican Revolution 1910-20
- French Imperialism (from mid 19th to early 20th century)
- Italian Imperialism (from the first Italo-Ethiopian War via the Italo-Turkish War till 1943)
- Byzantine Empire & Enemies (~330 – 1453, a time span of more than 1100 years which can easily be classified into several periods, some examples from their wide variety of enemies: Awars, Huns, Bulgars, Arabs, Sassanids, Seljuk Turks, Normans, Pechenegs, Ottomans, ...)
- Italian Wars of Independence 1848-66

Thanks for asking!

Re: Full coverage of certain conflicts

I would love to see sub-Roman Britain covered - Britons, early Saxons, Picts, Irish. We would, of course, need a very special Arthur figure. Perhaps some Irish boats and I would love to see Pictish chariots and light cavalry.

Re: Full coverage of certain conflicts

New Zealand Maori wars.

Re: Full coverage of certain conflicts

Peninsular War. Yes I know it was part of the Napoleonic War, but we really need Portuguese. Other than that then whatever makes Strelets money, may I suggest India around 1800-1830ish. As you can see my periods are all pretty similar.

Re: Full coverage of certain conflicts

Hello strelets,

thanks for asking; I would like to see a complete range of War of the Spanish Succession (Marlburian) figures.

While ostensibly these are very similar to your excellent Great Northern War Range, it would be great to see something more specific to western Europe, including:

French infantry with their cartridge boxes on their waist belts;
French dragoons with stocking caps;
French horse grenadiers with their funny furry hats;
British Horse with the cuirrass peeking out from beneath the coat;
Generic tricorne wearing horse and dragoons;
Dismounted dragoons, standing horses and horse holders;
British foot guards with lapels;
Danes with double-breasted coats;
Grenadiers with fur caps;
early hussars with wolfskin pelisses.
Austrian and Bavarian dragoons in lobster helmets.

If the foot could be made with a predominance of marching poses, much as with some of your more recent sets, that would be even better, and even more so if they can be modelled with knapsacks and other paraphanalia, unlike the rather sparsely equipped Zvezda ones.

Cheers, steve

Re: Full coverage of certain conflicts

Well, we seem to have lost all the French Foreign Legion sets and even the "Arab" and "Muslim warrior" sets and yet the history and campaigns of the FFL cover a long period and against all sorts of enemies in terrain from jungle, mountain, desert and even non-European towns, villages and cities.

I asked around a few of the model shop owners I know and I was surprised that they all echoed the words of PSR in a recent email to me:

"The world could do with another set of FFL for around the end of the 19th century, and a more focused set of opponents, but the hobby does not always get what it needs – just more WWII Germans!"

Seriously -I think the hobby has gone a little over the top on WW II Germans and I've been into this since the first Airfix sets appeared in the 1960s and NEVER known this many Germans.

So, FFL and their assorted enemies would be very nice.

Re: Full coverage of certain conflicts

To echo other respondents, thanks for asking the question and allowing us all our 'two-penneth' worth. You can tell from the number of replies that it's a popular topic!

i concur with others in general and specifics regarding the focussing on popular periods where there are currently gaping holes.

I'd add that it seems sensible and productive to build on the periods that you already manufacture.

Classical ancients/biblical such as Egyptian empire, Assyrians, Babylonians, Mycenaean-Greek (building around what Mars has), Trojans, Hebrews and perhaps even some mythological characters and beasts.

Wars of the Grand Alliance to Spanish Succession currently the only options in 1/72nd plastics are to improvise with Airfix Washington's Army and the wonderful Great Northern War figures from yourselves and Zvezda (there are even precious few 20 mm metals if one is desperate to fill the gaps). Steve Rowland has made an attempt to begin a list, but this one is HUGE in terms of both nationalities and troop types.

Taking in both Grand Alliance and 'Marlburian' means that you have a troops with the 'floppy' hats through to early tricornes.

I'd like to add to this a call for some Poles of the Great Northern War please--currently improvisation with Thirty Years War types is the only option.

French and Indian War my focus is on the 1755-1760 conflict, but it could be expanded to include conflicts between the imperial powers in North American associated with earlier periods (Queen Anne's War and War of Austrian Succession), as has been suggested by others. This period, with its range of Native Americans, militia units and regulars in modified uniforms is crying out for the 'Strelets treatment' of a wide range of poses and uniforms in each box.

French Revolutionary and Consular Period builds on your current range for the Egyptian campaign. Others have pointed to the lack of Ottoman troops and early Austrians and Russians, but there are also French infantry and cavalry (more hussars, heavy cavalry in bicornes, dromedary corps, infantry in various uniforms--revolutionary infantry in ragged 'uniforms' is perfect for the 'Strelets treatment'!), German states and even more early British (including interestingly uniformed volunteer corps).

I'd add to this a "sub-complete range" that is currently lacking: a complete range of sets of Napoleonic generals for all of the nations. Sets of general officers and staff in a range of poses (preferably mounted) to represent some of the 'second-rung' personalities not currently covered and a variety of 'generic' generals and officers to be used to represent others. This would obviate the current requirement to utilise the available options as different personalities by simple painting conversion and/or more 'surgical' approach!

early American Civil War another untapped 'period' ready for the 'Strelets treatment' with a great range of uniforms of the various volunteer, cadet and militia troops, including the mix of Zouave uniforms and those in French chasseur uniforms. Yes, these latter can be improvised with Crimean and Franco-Prussian sets, but none of them are completely accurate.

Thanks again for the opportunity,


Re: Full coverage of certain conflicts

Hi Strelets,

I was wondering, have you decided on a new conflict to cover? There are a lot of great ideas mentioned above...