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Re: Weird looking Redbox heavy landsknechts

Graham Korn
Is it just me or do some of the sculpts for the new Redbox heavy landsknechts seemed to be very strangely equipped? I've never seen landsknechts in fully skirted armour and fully enclosed bascinets - to me they look more like they are dismounted gendarmes than landsknecht infantry. Anyone seen contemporary source material depicting landsknechts so equipped?

You are right. More exact to call them dismounted gendarmes

Re: Weird looking Redbox heavy landsknechts

The armour they are wearing is called tonlet, basically tournament armour. The boxart is taken from a painting "The Battle of Orsha" (poland/Lithuania versus Moscow
In this Thesis on the painting
it´s suggested that while this type of armour would be unlikely it could of possibly be used on a battlefield..but Landsknechts in such armour???

Re: Weird looking Redbox heavy landsknechts

You mrean the "Haevy Lanquenets set" (with doublehanded swords again) or the so named "Heavy Pikemens"? They are separated sets...