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to Strelets*R: how about Republican and Imperial Roman Command Sets


there are now a plenty of Imperial Roman and Republican Roman set released, and even there will be still more.

Great job Strelets!

... and I have them all (several boxes each).

But: Command Sets are missing. There were some command figures (very nice and also some personalities) in the set 907 'Imperial Roman Legion' and in some other sets some single figures.

how about:

for Republican and Imperial Roman each:

one or two command sets (could/should be Mini sets) including
- Optio, Centurio
- Signifer (different types), musicians
- but also Tribunus and Legatus (as commanding high rank officers)

... and maybe as a 'special issue': Roman Triumph!

there are already set 'in battle', 'before battle', 'on the march', but also rank and ceremonial march (planned). They requires a lot of different command poses, so 2 command sets (for each period) would be great.

I think a lot of the other contributors will have more/additional ideas what should/could be also inculded in these sets.

I definitely will buy (if available) a lot of theses sets.




This is no 1st of April fool.


Re: to Strelets*R: how about Republican and Imperial Roman Command Sets

Dear Martin,

now that big box Roman Legion set is almost sold out, both of your suggested sets are being considered as an opportunity for future releases.

Best regards,