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Re: Austin Putilov

Thanks for the interesting site (also love Landships II). Do you have any plans to include card models? I have the Wayne McCullough Mark V in Red Army colours and the Whippet in White Army livery but it's going to take some concentrated effort to put them together...
I think I might go as far as pointing people towards the card models on Landships. I think the card models are interesting, but it's not really my thing. I'd rather the designers used their ability to make the models as 3D plans that could be printed somewhere like Shapeways, even if it was only little parts to correct the currently available models. For example, I'd like to be able to "print" off a 3D piece to completely replace the rear end of Emhar's Mark IV tanks, and a new roof for Airfix's alleged Mark I tanks would be great.

I've been having a play with Google Sketchup but I'm not getting anywhere.

Of course, the ideal would be for Strelets to make a Mark V from someone's 3D plans.